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  • 06 - May
  • 2024

The launch of the activities of the Scientific Day and the Graduate Day of the School of Science for the academic year 2023-2024

Under the patronage of the Acting President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Ashraf Abu Karaki, and in the presence of the Dean of the School of Science, Prof.  Mahmoud Jaghoub, and the dean's deputies and assistants, the activities of the Scientific Day of the Schools of Science and the Graduate Day were launched on Sunday.

Abu Karaki said, in a speech during the opening of the ceremony, "Since its establishment in the sixties of the last century, the college has been the cornerstone from which the University of Jordan was launched and advanced to become what it is today, a first destination for the finest students from Jordan and abroad."

He added that the role assigned to the School of Science is undoubtedly a pivotal one, and differs from what is entrusted to any other college at the university, as it takes upon itself the great role as a key partner with all health colleges, the Schools of Engineering, Agriculture and Information Technology, and networking with them in the management, teaching and development of their programs, pointing out that the university's graduates today exceeded a quarter of a million, most of whom studied here and learned the ABCs of university.

Abu Karaki added that any practical solutions necessarily need a solid foundation of quality education, whether in the fields of science such as physics, chemistry and mathematics, or in the fields of engineering and medicine, or even in creating cooperation and training partnerships that develop students' skills, and involve them in this development process while they are studying, and this is what the university seeks to achieve through the modernization that will begin at the beginning of the coming academic year, which aims to develop language and employability skills, through clearly defined programs and goals in collaboration with employers to achieve through it the graduate's readiness and ability to compete in the labor market.

In turn, the Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Jaghoub, reviewed the college's achievements, including that the first four of the bachelor's batch for the academic year 2022-2023 in the Department of Physics received full scholarships from prestigious American universities, and two students from the Department of Mathematics received scholarships in distinguished American universities to pursue graduate studies, which indicates the distinguished level of students and their possession of the skills required to engage in the labor market.

Al-Jaghoub said that the Schools of Science is one of the most distinguished Schools of the university in scientific research, as its departments enjoy prestigious academic reputation.

The Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs, Dr. Walaa Al-Tamimi, indicated that the scientific day came to strengthen bridges of communication between students and School members, and between students, employers, and college partners.

The scientific day included honoring the  distinguished student in each department, who shared their experiences and success with their fellow students, displaying the posters of distinguished graduation projects, and honoring the winning project for each department.

It also included two dialogues, the first was with employers and college partners, and the second was with the students and the graduates  with heads of departments, to present their experiences after their involvement in the labor market.

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