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Other Facilities


Electronic workshop :

The electronic workshop provides the college with all services of an electronic purpose; Such as manufacturing electronic devices, research , and maintenance of electronic devices in the college.

Mechanical workshop :

 The mechanical workshop began in 1975, and the workshop provides many services for research purposes.

Animal Museum:

 Although the Museum was founded in 1972, its idea began earlier in the beginnings of the Biology Department.

The museum displays animal samples that represents wildlife in Jordan. This collection of samples has been used to study the animal distribution in Jordan, regional migration paths, and the overlap between them. The museum also provides a large number of invertebrate specimens, which were collected from beaches in the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan. The museum also includes a marine exhibit showing fish and their daily habits, as well as more than 200 amphibian specimens.

Green Ho​​use :


The Department of Biology includes herbarium, which includes nearly 60,000 species collected from different regions in Jordan, which constitute approximately 90% of Jordanian plants.


Also, some plants inside the herbarium were found as a result of the exchange of materials between Jordan and many Arab and European countries. In addition, a database was prepared for most of the species inside the herbarium to facilitate the process of obtaining information.

The main hall inside the herbarium contains a number of plants, tables for display and study, an exhibition of cupboards and a collection of microscopes, and a number of books and other means.

The herbarium two research laboratories for postgraduate students, a room for plant tissue cultivation , there is a "green house" dedicated to research and teaching and other educational purposes.