School's Strategy

Our Vision

The School of Science aims to be a leader in higher education in the region, and to be a center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge, throughout teaching and research in the fields of natural and applied sciences.

Our Mission

The school of Science seeks to provide distinguished and contemporary academic programs, and to work on developing them and developing research facilities in cooperation with the local and international institutions to produce distinguished scientific research. The college is also committed to maintain a high quality in the teaching methodology, and providing an educational environment capable of                                                                  producing and applying knowledge to maintain the college's position as one of the                                                     most important educational and research leaders in the region.

Our Goals

•    Providing the market with distinguished graduates who are scientifically and practically qualified, in line with the        needs of the local and regional markets.
•   Qualifying a group of scientists to be pioneers in scientific and research production which follows developments in        various fields of science.
•    Establishing links and joint programs with local and international universities and research centers to support              graduate studies and scientific research programs at the school.
•    Updating the study plans for undergraduate and graduate programs to keep pace with the growth in the fields of        knowledge for all disciplines in the college.
•    Providing scientific advisory services for urgent local community problems within the college's specializations.
•    Providing analysis on the most advanced scientific equipment available in the college for local and regional              academic, research and industrial institutions.