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  • 15 - Feb
  • 2024

The President of the University of Jordan meets the Dean and members of the teaching and administrative staff at the School of Science

The President of the University of Jordan, Prof. Dr. Nthir Obeidat, met the Dean and the administrative staff of the School of Science.

The Dean of the School, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Jaghoub, welcomed the President of the University and the Vice Presidents, noting that this meeting came as an embodiment of the policy of the Presidency of the University in strengthening and consolidating social relations between officials and employees, identifying the needs and challenges facing the school, and submitting, supporting and developing proposals to exert more work and dedication in serving the university and the country. Prof. Jaghoub mentioned that the average publications per year per faculty member at the School of Science is 3.11 which is the highest among the Schools of University.
In turn, Prof. Obeidat said, "We are proud of the School of Science for achieving advanced positions in international ranking".  He added “Universities today have many responsibilities towards improving the entire educational system, in all its aspects, starting with their programs, teaching and administrative staff and students. He added that there must be a new start that reconsiders plans and programs, and reforms the pillars of education, starting with the School members, while injecting new blood by appointing new faculty members."
During the meeting, Obeidat reviewed a number of issues related to the implementation of a well-studied plan to awarding scholarships to distinguished B.Sc. students to pursue their higher studies at prestigious international universities. Obeidat also mentioned the ambitious work that is currently underway to improve the infrastructure and develop classrooms and auditoriums at the university with the highest technologies, so that halls ready for modern and contemporary e-learning programs, in addition to strengthening Internet networks, and rehabilitating health facilities.
Obeidat stressed the importance of employing artificial intelligence in study plans, he also pointed out that the university is studying the idea of teaching 9 credit hours in English Language, 6 hours in Arabic Language and 9 hours digital skills, in addition to 9 credit hours employability skills to equip students with the necessary capabilities to enter the labor market armed with science, knowledge and thinking.
At the end of the meeting, which was characterized by fruitful dialogue, Obeidat answered the questions and inquiries raised by the faculty members and administrative staff at the College of Science with the utmost transparency.