Dr. Shteiwi Al-Abdullah named "Honorary Professor" at the Faculty of Science

University of Jordan News Zakaria Al-Ghoul - The Council of Deans of the University of Jordan, headed by Dr. Nazir Obeidat, decided in its session No. 20/2023, Resolution No. 439/2023, to name Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, Dr. Shteiwi Al-Abdullah, as an honorary professor in the Department of Life Sciences at the Faculty of Science.

Al-Abdullah was named as an honorary professor at the university due to his distinguished academic and research record, as he previously published and supervised a large number of research and research projects, won a number of international and local awards, received various certificates of appreciation, and supervised nearly 40 elite graduate students, in addition to the positions he held in his busy career. Al-Abadi has published more than 65 refereed scientific papers in the best prestigious international journals, and during his 40 years in the service of the university, he contributed to the book Biology for Tawjihi students, while he wrote and edited biology textbooks for the three secondary grades in the Arab Gulf countries, and edited the General Biology book for its authors Raven and his companions.

In his precise specialization (physiology and biophysics), Abadi wrote his most famous book, "Physiology", which is 530 pages with pictures, a book that has been adopted in many Arab universities, and has also been adopted as a reference for the examination of graduate students in the specialization.

Dr. Al-Abdullah recently published the book "Higher Education: Contemporary Issues and a Reform Perspective", which addresses, in ten chapters, issues of university admission, university classification, adaptation of education to the labor market, distance learning in all its forms, scientific research and graduate studies, governance in universities, and other issues and challenges facing higher education.

It is noteworthy that Al-Abdullah has held several leadership