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collapse Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
0302099 Remedial PhysicsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
(0302490) Scientific Research MethodologiesBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302100 Science and the SocietyBachelor of Physics
0302100 Science and the Society.pdf    
0302101 General Physics-1 Bachelor of Physics
Dr_Moneeb_PHY_101_course_syllabus 0302101.pdf    
0302102 General Physics-2 Bachelor of Physics
course syllabus_Physics102_Summer _2018_ 0302102.pdf    
0302104 General Physics-3 Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302105 Physics for Dentistry StudentsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302111 Practical Physics 1 Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302112 Practical Physics 2 Bachelor of Physics
Practical Physics-2-0302112-Course Syllabus.pdf    
0302113 Practical Physics for Biological Sciences Students Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302115 Practical Physics for Dentistry StudentsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302199 Mechanical WorkshopBachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus-0302199.pdf    
0302211 Practical Physics-3 Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302221 Optics-1Bachelor of Physics
0302221 Optics I - Syllabus (new university guidelines).pdf    
0302231 ElectronicsBachelor of Physics
course syllabus_Electronics _2017_ 0302231.pdf    
0302261 MODERN PHYSICSBachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus-modern physics -Ola Hassouneh-0302261.pdf    
0302261 Modern Physics Bachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus-modern physics -Ola Hassouneh-0302261.pdf    
0302265 Radiation Physics Bachelor of Physics
course-syllabus_2017_[1] 0302265.pdf    
0302280 SOFTWARE PACKAGES IN PHYSICSBachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus _2017_Computer Packages_Physics-0302280.pdf    
0302281 Mathematical Physics –1Bachelor of Physics
0302282 Mathematical Physics-2 Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302291 Software Packages in Physics -1Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302300 Environmental Physics Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302311 Practical Physics-4Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302312 Practical ElectronicsBachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus _2017_Electronic Lab 0302312.pdf    
0302321 Optics-2Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302330 Digital ElectronicsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302331 Electricity and Magnetism-1Bachelor of Physics
course syllabus _2017_18_EM1-0302331.pdf    
0302332 Electricity and Magnetism-2Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302341 Thermal Physics Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302351 Classical Mechanics-1 Bachelor of Physics
0302352 Classical Mechanics-1Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302360 SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITYBachelor of Physics
course syllabus form SR (1)0302360.pdf    
0302361 Quantum MechanicsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302371 Physics of MaterialsBachelor of Physics
0302371 Physics of Materials.pdf    
0302411 Practical Physics-5 Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302421 Optical Netwoks : ComponentsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302447 STATISTICAL PHYSICSBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302462 Atomic and Molecular PhysicsBachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus-2atomic0302462.pdf    
0302463 Nuclear Physics Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302464 AstrophysicsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302466 Elementary Particles. Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302471 Solid State Physics Bachelor of Physics
solid state physics _2_0302471.pdf    
0302472 Physics of Semiconductors Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302481 Software Packages in Physics -2Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0302490Bachelor of Physics
Scientific Research Methodologies -Course Syllabus-0302490.pdf    
0302496SPECIAL TOPICSBachelor of Physics
0302496 Special Topics - Syllabus (new university guidelines).pdf    
0302499 Research Project and Methods of Teaching PhysicsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0303366 NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTINGBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0320231 Electronics Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0332113 Practical Physics for Biological Sciences StudentsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0332271 Polymer PhysicsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0332282 MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS 2Bachelor of Physics
mathematical physics 2 -Course Syllabus0332282.pdf    
0332321 Optics-2Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0332341 THERMAL PHYSICSBachelor of Physics
0332352 Classical Mechanics-2Bachelor of Physics
course syllabus 0332352-18.05.2017.pdf    
0332361QUANTUM MECHANICS-1Bachelor of Physics
Quantum Mechanics-1-0332361-Course Syllabus.pdf    
0332371 Physics of MaterialsBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0332482 GROUP THEORY IN PHYSICSPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0342100 Science and SocietyBachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0342103 General Physics for Biological Sciences Students Bachelor of Physics
Physics for life science studentcourse syllabus _2017_0342103.pdf    
0342105 General Physics for Medicine and Dentistry StudentsBachelor of Physics
Course Syllabus-105_2017 0342105.pdf    
0342311 INTERMEDIA PHYSICSBachelor of Physics
course syllabus_Lab4-0342311.pdf    
0342332 Electricity and Magnetism-2Bachelor of Physics
course syllabus 342332.pdf    
0342411 Practical Physics-5Bachelor of Physics
course syllabus_Lab5 0342411.pdf    
0342461 QUANTUM MECHANICS -2Bachelor of Physics
Course_File_Quantum Mechanics-2-0342461-1stSemester-2017-2018.pdf    
0342466 ELEMENTARY PARATICLES Bachelor of PhysicsNot Uploded
0352311 Practical Physics-4Bachelor of Physics
2_Phys311_Lab4_Course Syllabus_11617_QC_New 0352311.pdf    
collapse Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
0302722 RADIATION LABORATORYMasters In Medical PhysicsNot Uploded
0302740 PHYSICS OF RADIOTHERAPYMasters In Medical PhysicsNot Uploded
0302754 QUANTUM MECHANICS-1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive Track
0302765 THEORY OF RELATIVITYMasters In Physics \ Comprehensive Track
Radiation detection description 0302765.pdf    
0302775 PROPERTTIES OF MATERIALSMasters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0302795 SPECIAL TOPICS IN MEDICAL PHYSICSMasters In Medical Physics
Special Topics-Syllabus 2020-2021 795 (1).pdf    
0302798 COMPREHENSIVE EXAMMasters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0302799 THESISMasters In Physics \ Thesis TrackNot Uploded
0332763 NUCLEAR PHYSICS-1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive Track
0342751 CLASSICAL MECHANICS - 1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0342756 STATISTICAL MECHANICS-1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive Track
Course Syllabus - Statistical Mechanics - 1 _Second Semester; 2016-17_0342756.pdf    
0342765 RADIATION DETECTION @ MEASUREMENTSMasters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0352752 COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICSMasters In Physics \ Thesis Track
0352762 Atomic and Molecular Physics-1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0352771 SOLID STATE PHYSICS 1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0352792 SPECIAL TOPICS IN PHYSICSMasters In Physics \ Comprehensive TrackNot Uploded
0362753 CLASSICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS - 1Masters In Physics \ Comprehensive Track
Electrodynamics I362753.pdf    
collapse Course Level : Doctorate
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
0301901 Ordinary Differential EquationsPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0301903 Partial Differential Equations PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302951 Nonlinear Physics-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302952 CLASSICAL MECHANICS-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302953 Classical Electrodynamics-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302954 Quantum Mechanics-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302955 Group TheoryPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302956 Statistical Mechanics-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302957 Many-Body TheoryPhD In Physics
Course Report (2017) (Many-Body Theory - 1st Sem. 2016-17) (1)0302 957-.pdf    
0302958 Quantum Field Theory IPhD In Physics
Course SyllabusQFT0302958.pdf    
0302959 QUANTUM PHYSICS -3PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302962 Atomic and Molecular Physics-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302963 Nuclear Physics-2 PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302965 Accelerators PhysicsPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302966 Plasma PhysicsPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302967 PLASMA PHYSICSPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302968 Quantum Field Theory -2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302971 Semiconductor PhysicsPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302974 SOLID STATE PHYSICS 2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302981 Mathematical Physics-2PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302982 CLASSICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS - 3PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0302992 Special TopicsPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0303941 Quantum Chemistry PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0332951 Nonlinear DynamicsPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0332953 CLASSICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS (2)PhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0332971 SEMICONDECTOR OR PHYSICSPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded
0332999 DISSERTATIONPhD In PhysicsNot Uploded