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Department Overview​:

Teruo Asada  Chairman of the Board

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Jordan is the oldest and largest math department in the country of Jordan and is the only department offering a PhD degree in Mathematics among all other Jordanian math departments, this in addition to BSc and MSc degrees in Mathematics. There are 34 full-time faculty members in our department (16 Full Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors and 5 Lecturers ) specialized in the different areas of Mathematics and Statistics and have done their graduate studies in well reputed universities. There are also almost 200 graduate students (almost 70 Master's students and 130 doctoral students) in the department. The range of mathematical interests in our department is very wide, and most of our faculty members engage in both teaching and research.

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Message from the Chairman:

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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Jordan. Through this website you will find information on all of the many activities the Department supports. We invite you to explore our website whether you are considering applying to our undergraduate or graduate programs, or interested in our research, or would just like to know more about us.

In assuming the responsibility of chair of the department, I want to emphasize our ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching and research and I take a moment to introduce you to all of our faculty members and administrative staff who devote their time and energies towards of our collective promising mission. I look forward to working together with every colleague in our department to keep a high quality of our efforts and accomplishments. This will enable us to deliver the best in teaching, research, and community services by providing high-quality mathematics education to: Mathematics, Science, Engineering majors, as well as providing general education mathematics courses to most of our university programs.

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1965. We have about 34 full-time faculty members (16 Full Professor, 8 Associate Professor, 5 Assistant Professor, 5 Lecturers), 400 undergraduate and 200 graduate students (70 M.Sc. and 130 Ph. D). The Department has strong research groups in several areas of Mathematics and Statistics. The Department of Mathematics at University of Jordan offers broad undergraduate and graduate degrees with majors in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics. Upon completion of their major, students are well-prepared to pursue careers in teaching or in industry and are ready for graduate study leading to advanced degrees.

Please feel free to come by my office (Math. Building, Second Floor) if you have any questions about our programs, or link to my email at mraqab@ju.edu.jo.   In the meantime, please enjoy visiting the rest of our webpage.



Mohammad Z. Raqab, Chair

Department of Mathematics




The Mathematics Department at the University of Jordan is a well-known center for education and research in Mathematics. Undergraduate and Graduate programs, with opportunities for specialization in all major areas of Mathematics leading to Bachelor, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. In particular, the excellent programs offered by the department are of special interest and are rewarding to many students in Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics offers one undergraduate program (B.Sc.) and two graduate programs (M.Sc., Ph.D.). Below is a brief description of the departmental requirements for all these degrees. 

B. Sc. Program

Students should complete 132 credits from university, college and department course requirements. Students should take 27 credits as university requirements, 21 credits as college requirements and 84 as major credits. Major courses are taken from several areas including: Analysis, Algebra, Topology, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.


M.Sc. Program (Non-Thesis Track):

1. The completion of 33 graduate credits. These include 24 credits from compulsory courses and 9 credits from elective course requirements.

2. Passing with grade B or higher for any required course.

3. Passing a comprehensive exam (scoring at least 75 points out of 100)


M.Sc. Program (Thesis Track):

1. Completing of 24 graduate credits. These include 18 credits from compulsory courses and 6 credits from elective course requirements.

2. Passing with grade B or higher for any required course

3. Under the guidance and supervision of a member of the department faculty, each student should complete reasonably valuable research dissertation.



Ph.D. Program


Each year approximately 6 students complete their Mathematics Ph.D. degree. The time span to complete this degree is on the average 4-5 years. The Ph.D. requirements are as follows:


1.      Courses: Completion of 54 credits of graduate work. These credits must be entirely in various Mathematics areas.


2.      Grades: Each student should keep a grade point average of 3.0 or better in Mathematics and cross listed courses.


3.      Qualifying Exams:  Ph.D. student should pass basic and advanced qualifying exams in five areas of Mathematics. The areas are: Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Topology and Statistics. The student can choose 3 areas for basic qualifying exam and two areas for advanced exam. These exams are generally given in the 5th week of each semester after the beginning of classes. These exams are written and the time allowed for each is 3 hours. Guidelines to Topics for the Qualifying Examinations Can be Found in the Department Office


4.      Research and Dissertation: Under the guidance and supervision of a member of the department faculty, each Ph.D. student must complete a reasonably original research.


Please see the Faculty list for detailed information on mathematical research.


Mohammad Z. Raqab, PhD

Chairman and  Professor​.

Faculty Research Interests:

We conduct research in Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Differential Equations, Graph Theory, Optimization, and Statistics.

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Mailing Address:  ​

Department of Mathematics

The University of Jordan 

Amman 11942, Jordan 

Telephone: +962-6-5355000 Ext. 22100

Fax: +962-6-5348932 

Email: mathematics@ju.edu.jo (chairman) 

OR  math@ju.edu.jo (secretary)​


Maps and Directions:

The Department of Mathematics is located in Math Bldg. Please check Google Map and Campus Map.

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