a.  High teaching evaluation at the Faculty of Science, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 1983

b.  High research evaluation at the Faculty of Science, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 1984

c.    Abdul-Hammed Shoman Prize for Young Arab Scientists in Mathematics and Computer Science, Amman, Jordan, 1987.



1) Shuman Prize for Young Arab Mathematicians 1988  

2) Islamic organization for science prize/1997.( جائزة منظمة العالم الإسلامي للعلوم)



1.  Winner of Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Young Arab Scientists, June 1987.

2.  Winner of TWAS Associate Membership Scheme at Centers of Excellence in the South, August 1995.

3.  Winner of the Ministry of Higher Education Prize for Distinguished Scientific Research, May 2003.

4.  Winner of Scoupus Certificate Award, April 2009. 



1-   The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Science Prize   "ISESCO Science Prize" (2008).

2-   The Scopus Prize for Jordan Scientists (2009).

3-   The Distinguished Research Prize at Mutah University (2008/2009).

4-   The award of Jordan National Commission For Education, Culture and Science (2008).

5-   Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Prize, in Italy, (2000).

6-   Classified as One of the Top 10 Scientists in the World in Fractional Differential Equations According to: ISI Web of Knowledge.


1-   Khalifa Award for Education, Higher Education within Arab World (Distinguished Professor in Scientific Research), United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, April, 2012.

2-   Hamdi Mango Award for Distinguished Researcher, Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research, University of Jordan, Jordan, April 2012.

3-   Achievement Award for distinguished researcher, University of Jordan, Jordan, June, 2006.

4-   A Distinguished Researcher Award in Statistics, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Amman, Jordan, November 2005.

5-   Abdul-Hamid Shoman Prize for Young Arab Researchers in Mathematics and Computer Science, Amman, Jordan, 2001.

6-   Achievement Award as the distinguished researcher on the University level, UAE University, UAE, July, 2001.

7-   TWAS Prize for the Young Scientists, Third World Academic Sciences, Italy, Sept. 1998.




Won the first place in the Arab Mathematics Olympiad (2012).



Won the first place in the Arab Mathematics Olympiad (2012).

Won the fourth place in the Arab Mathematics Olympiad (2012).


Won the fourth place in the Arab Mathematics Olympiad (2012).

AWARDS & PRIZES (last 5 years)

-    Alexander Von Homboldt research Scholarship (Summer, 2011) at Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

-    Deanship of Scientific Research Award in 2010

-    Alexander Von Homboldt research Scholarship (Summer, 2009) at the University of Greisfwald, Germany.

 -   Deanship of Scientific Research Award in 2006.

 -   Alexander Von Homboldt research Scholarship (Summer, 2006) at the Federal German Geological Survey (BGR), Hanover.



1.  Method for producing geopolymeric materials.  Inventors: M. Alshaaer, M. Esaifan, H. Khoury, H. Rahier

2.     A process for production of pure zeolite 4A from raw kaolinite. Inventors: Hamdalla Al Houdali and Hani Khoury




54 researchers at The University of Jordan received the Distinguished Researcher Award for 2011 that organized by UJ annually. Respect to faculty of science, 7 researchers have got the award. 

   ​ - Prof. Fuad A. Kittaneh

    - Prof. Shaher M. Momani 

    - Prof. Mohammad S. Mubarak

    - Prof. Salim Fawzi Haddad

    - Prof. Humam Ghassib

    - Prof. Abeer Al-Bawab

    - Dr. Murad Abbas AlDamen


Ebtsam Al Beik has been awarded a prize for distinguished research project on her Master  thesis  titled ' Spatial Variability of Heavy Minerals and Radioactivity in the Vicinity of Wadi el-Mezrab, Southeast Jordan, and their Exploration Bearing'. She has been awarded by the 11th international conference of Jordanian geologists association that hold in the university of Jordan in 2011. The award amount is 300 JD.



Islam Dabshah has awarded the Hisham Hijjawi Award for Applied Sciences 2011 on her PhD thesis titled 'Dissolution of Jordanian Raw Materials in Alkaline Solutions and Their Stabilization for Construction Purposes'.



Mass spectrophotometer (ESI-MS), 500 MHz nuclear mass resonance (NMR), Single x-ray diffractometer, powder x-ray diffractometer, x-ray fluorescence, scanning electron microscope (SEM), liquid nitrogen apparatus, atomic force microscope (AFM), photoelectron microscope and physical vapor deposition apparatus.


The Faculty of Science has the utmost pride to announce that recent statistics published on the website of Thomson ISI Web of Knowledge database has shown that 7 out of the 10 most contributors to journals, supported by this database, at the University of Jordan are researches belonging to the Faculty of Science. These researchers are:

·        Prof. Dr. Mustafa El-Abadelah, (Department of Chemistry)

·        Prof. Dr. Jamil Khalifeh, (Department of Physics)

·        Prof. Dr. Mohammad S. Mubarak, (Department of Chemistry)

·        Prof. Dr. Awwad M. Zihlif, (Department of Physics)

·        Prof. Dr Fuad A. Kittaneh, (Department of Mathematics)

·        Prof. Dr. Mohammad Z. Raqab, (Department of Mathematics)

·        Prof. Dr. Humam B. Ghassib, (Department of Physics)

We are all in this Faculty dedicated, working collaboratively in team spirit and determined to achieving the mission and goals of the University of Jordan of excellence and distinction.


Some of staff members hold national, local and international prizes and awards.


During 2011-2012, it has been published more than 300 articles in national, local and international journals.


The faculty organized some international conferences as well as workshops. To mention some:

EuAsC2S-11: The aim of EuAsC2S is to support the progress of chemistry in developing countries and provide young and talented chemists with the unique opportunity to be exposed to the frontier areas of chemistry. (It was hold in Dead Sea 6-9 October 2010).

- ICYC: This conference was celebrated 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), which was initiated by the IUPAC and declared by the UNISCO.  The main aim of this conference was to “encourage interest in chemistry among young people, and to generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry, which is one of the IYC goals (It was hold inside between the University of Jordan in 8-10 April 2012).

- DEMOTRANS: This conference will, for its part, foster transdisciplinary dialogue at the interface of the social and natural sciences so as to refine the tools required to understand the broader import of demographic change. (It was hold in the University of Jordan in 14-16 January 2012).

-Workshop “Geopolymers from Jordanian raw materials”: The workshop was aimed at science and engineering graduate students of University of Jordan and other Jordanian Universities, the Jordanian scientific community and Jordanian industries. The workshop will present scientific and technological results of the VUB-U of Jordan VLIR-project, and give information about realized infrastructure at University of Jordan. (It was hold in the University of Jordan in 16 April 2012.


In 2012, the faculty of science won the first place at the mathematics Olympiad for the Arab world undergraduate students.


The faculty members are 140 as staff and 103 as administrative. The students are 2196 of BsC, 196 of MsC, and 102 PhD graduated students.


​The University of Jordan, represented by the Department of Mathematics / School of Science, won the first place in the third mathematics Olympiad of Jordanian Universities held at the Hashemite University on Wednesday, 14/11/2018. The Hashemite University received second place and Al Al Bayt won third place with the participation of (12) Jordan, Hashemite, Al-Bayt, Mu'tah, Al-Hussein Bin Talal, Philadelphia, Balqa, Tafila, Zarqa, Jarash, Jadra and Irbid.

The first mathematics Olympiad competitions were launched in 2016 at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in order to enhance the knowledge communication among Jordanian university students and contribute to creating real competition among distinguished students in Jordanian universities. This year, competitions were held between the participating university teams and on three levels. The first level consists of (18) questions, and then the highest (6) universities qualify to the second level, which contains ten questions, and then higher qualification (3) universities to be selected first place winner by the highest number of points and the Olympic champion in mathematics.

The University of Jordan team consists of four outstanding students in mathematics to participate in the third mathematics Olympiad of Jordanian universities for the current session:

1) Bilal Ammar Al - Matbakani

2) Majd Shaher Salman

3) Yazan Zaher Mosleh

4) Duaa Mohammed Abed

Dr. Murad Abd-AlJabbar Ahmed, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics participated in this course and contributed with his colleagues in other universities in the success of the Olympic Games.


Dr. Hanan Sa'adeh, Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics of the School of Science, has been recently granted a one-year scientific leave (2018-2019) in recognition of her recent achievement of being awarded a one-year international research fellowship in physics.


Dr. Hanan Sa'adeh has been awarded the research fellowship in the framework of the TRIL program of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), to carry out research on experimental atomic and molecular physics at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, an international synchrotron light source in Europe.


The ICTP TRIL fellowship honors and rewards outstanding young scientists from developing countries, by providing them the opportunity to join prestigious international research centers in Italy to carry out high level experimental research in various areas of physics. The type of TRIL fellowships varies from advanced research fellowships (for experienced scientists) to basic training fellowships (for PhD students and post-docs).

 The selection is done by the ICTP jointly with the host Italian laboratory, and is based on scientific merit in addition to matching of the candidate's expertise to the research lines pursed in the host laboratory.


Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is a multidisciplinary international research center of excellence, based in Italy and specialized in generating high quality synchrotron and free-electron laser light for basic and applied research. Dr. Sa'adeh joined Elettra for the first time in the summer of 2015. Since then she has been working there for couples of months each year during summer semesters. Thus, the recent award of long-term research fellowship will help her to build on and add to the experiments she carried out during previous short-term visits to Elettra.


It is worth mentioning that Sa'adeh received all her degrees of physics (B.Sc. in 2002 and Ph.D. in 2010) from UJ with distinction. In 2003, she received the Scientific Distinction Award in Science and the Scientific Distinction Award in Physics at UJ. She earned her Ph.D. in Experimental Atomic Physics (accelerator-based) in 2010. At that time, her PhD dissertation was nominated as the best dissertation in the scientific field at UJ.


Dr. Sa'adeh joined UJ's School of Science in September 2013 as an Assistant Professor of Atomic and Molecular Physics. Besides teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, she has been working on ion-beam analysis at the University of Jordan Van de Graaff Accelerator (JUVAC). Among her other achievements, she was the recipient of several research funding grants from various international bodies such as ICTP and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to carry out her research in Jordan and abroad.


​The Jordanian candidate of the International Union for the Protection of Nature (IUCN), Dr. Said Ahmad Damhoureyeh, won the position of Regional Adviser for West Asia in the International Advisory Council of the Union in the elections held on September 7, on the side of the congressional activities in Hawaii, USA.


 Dr. Damhoureyeh is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Jordan in the field of Biology and Environment. He is a representative of the Jordanian University in the International Union for the Protection of Nature (IUCN) and the Jordanian National Committee. He also served two consecutive sessions in the Steering Committee of the CEM


The department of  Chemistry and Biological Sciences just accredited to September 2025 by ABET-ANSAC (Applied and Natural Sciences AccreditationCommission). This accreditation action extends retroactively from October 1, 2018.

We would like to thank all the staff of the departments, the School of Science, and the administration for the great work that has been done to achieve such recognition.​


Accreditation-Biological Sciences-ABET.jpg