Workshop on R software and its applications


The workshop on R software was held at The University of Jordan during April 28- May 2,

2019 in Atheer Center, provided by  Dr. Danute Krapavickaite according to the agreement 

between The University of Jordan and Vilnius Gediminan Technical University  under 

the Erasmus Plus Program. Approximately 20 participants from facult members 

and Ph.D. students attended the workshop.


The R software is an integrated programming language and working environment

for data handling,calculation, modelling, graphical representation.

It consists of collection of packages for different purposes.

They are placedon the web pages Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) all over the world.

The main topics covered in this workshop were involving:


  • Manipulation with numbers, vectors and matrices
  • Objectsand their attributes
  • Graphical procedures
  • Probability distributions
  • Analysis of a statistical data set
  • Programming elements


The expected outcome of this workshop is to enable the faculty and graduate students 

to carry out intensive numerical computations and simulations that support their research works.



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