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MAXima_X XRD-7000








Steels, non-ferrous metals, machinery, shipbuilding, welding, automobiles, ceramics, cement, glass, catalysts, electrical parts, electronic materials, magnetic materials, superconductive materials, fibers, paper, pulp, food products, chemicals, agricultural chemicals, dies, pigments, paints, pharmaceuticals, dental materials, biological matter, petroleum, coal, power generation, natural gas, mining ore, soil, rocks, clay, minerals, construction, civil engineering, environment, and industrial waste.


It is basically used for:

•  Identification of single and multiple phase materials i.e. minerals, chemical compounds or other engineered synthetic substances;

•  Identification and structural analysis of clay minerals, soils and industrial tissues and other micro- and cryptocrystalline materials;

•  Recognition of amorphous materials in partially crystalline mixtures;

•  Semi-quantitative determination of amounts of different phases in multi-phase mixtures (i.e rocks and industrial mixtures) using suitable standards and peak-ratio calculations.

This lab serves the teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels and research at the Geology Department and also supports research of other departments at the University of Jordan. Furthermore, a great deal of consulting services are offered for the local community and other teaching and research institutes in Jordan.


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