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Mathematics Lab








This Lab is dedicated to demonstrating the value of Mathematical thinking, providing deeper understanding of statistical concepts and instilling a more positive attitude towards Mathematics and Statistics.

This lab was originally built in 2000. First it was comprised of 25 Pentium III 1000Mhz computers and a datashow, these computers are all networked and use Windows 2000 Professional as the operating system. In 2005, the lab was upgraded by adding a LaserJet printer and 7 Pentium IV 3Ghz networked computers using Windows XP Professional as the operating system. This equipment is available for both faculty and graduate students.

A variety of software is used in the lab, these include:

   • Mathematica for higher level Mathematics courses, such as Mathematical Packages course (473).
   • Minitab for introductory and follow-up statistics courses.
   • Microsoft Excel 2003 for different Mathematics and Statistics courses.


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