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The Department of Chemistry was established in 1965 and it was the first chemistry department founded in Jordan. The department started master's program in 1972 and a doctoral program in 1995. The number of students at the early years of the department did not exceed one hundred students. The department currently have about 549 and 72 graduate students (Master and Ph.D) students. 
The department of chemistry has grown to have thirty seven faculty members graduated from the best universities in the world, supported by more than 20 staff members. Several teaching laboratories are available in the department. These laboratories cover the different fields of chemistry providing an excellent training, in the field of chemistry, to the students of the department and many students from other scientific colleges.
There are several laboratories that provide a specialized analysis equipped with modern spectral,thermal and chromatographic instruments such as:
- Mass spectrometer (7 tesla) 
- NMR 300 & NMR 500 MHz 
- High resolution 
- Single crystal x-Ray diffractometer 
- Elemental analysis (C, H, N) 
- U.V-Vis 
- HPLC & GC & GC-Mass 
- Atomic absorption 
- DSC & TGA 
- Liquid Nitrogen facility
The faculty members are dedicated to provide all aspects of chemical knowledge and to make meaningful contributions in the field of chemistry. This is achieved by qualifying the chemistry graduates for work as well as to pursue their graduate studies, and in the long term to make significant influence in research and community service. The Department of Chemistry is characterized by its activity in the scientific research, which started since the beginning of the department. Thirty five faculty members in the department are involved in research that includes: applied chemistry, environmental chemistry, natural products, organic synthesis directed to biologically active compounds and solid state chemistry. The faculty members publish their work in prestigious peer-reviewed chemistry journals; they have published around fourty scientific articles in ISI Web of Knowledge journals in the year 2017.

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