School of Science
"Here is the Place Where You Can Find the Best Scientific Environment."
Our Vision

The Faculty recognizes the contribution made by science and mathematics to the welfare of the society. Therefore, first and foremost the Faculty aspires to the highest standards of excellence for student learning and performance.


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Our Goals
Our goals have four dimensions:
Goal 1: To continually improve education for our undergraduates and graduates in order to continually prepare new generations of scientists, mathematicians, and technologically literate individuals who understand not only basic scientific concepts but also have a working knowledge of the latest scientific discoveries.
Goal 2: To position the Faculty of Science to lead the University in its quest to become a Research University.
Goal 3: To enhance service provided to the community and the University and to support the University in its external partnerships by providing appropriate expertise and leadership in scientific and technological areas.
Goal 4: To support the achievements of our students and faculty in scholarship and research by providing and maintaining state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, through efficient administration and staff services at the departmental and college levels .
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Our Mission

This Faculty has an obligation to create and disseminate new knowledge to its students and the community, thereby contributing directly to the country's and region’s economy and helping to ensure  good  future for our nation. Therefore, our mission is to continue enhancing and upgrading our academic programs and research facilities and to continue collaboration with local and global scientific institutions. We are also committed to providing excellent  contemporary challenging programs and committed to providing  quality teaching and up-to-date learning environment to maintain the Faculty’s reputation as one of the leading research and teaching institutions in the region.

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