School of Science
"Here is the Place Where You Can Find the Best Scientific Environment."
Our Vision

The Faculty recognizes the contribution made by science and mathematics to the welfare of the society. Therefore, first and foremost the Faculty aspires to the highest standards of excellence for student learning and performance. Key to this vision is the following five characteristics.
First, education must be viewed as a fusion of classroom teaching and hands on research with faculty mentors who actively engage students. Therefore, powerful
educational effectiveness comes from linking facts, theory, inquiry, discovery, and solutions to real world problems.
Second, the Faculty will be recognized for high quality undergraduate and graduate education that strives for distinction by developing specialty areas in sciences and mathematics.
Third, the educational programs, led by a highly skilled and dedicated faculty, will engage and challenge students to achieve their fullest intellectual potential, mastering skills such as critical thinking, communication and quantitative analysis.
Fourth, the Faculty is committed to continuous improvement of its instructional programs through a policy of rigorous, data-based, systematic assessment.
Fifth, the Faculty strives ultimately to produce life-long learners capable of assuming leadership roles in a changing knowledge-based multicultural society.