School of Science
"Here is the Place Where You Can Find the Best Scientific Environment."
Our Mission

This Faculty has an obligation to create and disseminate new knowledge to its students and the community, thereby contributing directly to the country's and region’s economy and helping to ensure  good  future for our nation. Therefore, our mission is to continue enhancing and upgrading our academic programs and research facilities and  to continue collaboration with local and global scientific institutions. We are also committed to providing excellent  contemporary challenging programs and committed to providing  quality teaching  and up-to-date learning environment to maintain the Faculty’s reputation as one of the leading research and teaching institutions in the region. Our mission also includes:
• Advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the physical, biological and mathematical sciences;
• Providing access to a rich educational experience that will motivate and enable all of our students to seek the highest levels of intellectual achievement and personal growth;
• Sharing our knowledge, discoveries and inventions with the people of the region and the world in order to improve appreciation and comprehension of science and to bring the benefits of science to our society.