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Bachelor of Physics
Program Description :The Physics Department contains approximately 350 undergraduates and 31 teaching staff and 23 employees. In addition to 8 undergraduate laboratories, where students verify many of the Physics principles they are taught in their courses, the department contains two computational physics laboratories, a Van de Graf accelerator, a mechanical and an electronic workshops. The B.Sc. program consists of 132 credit hours distributed as follows: 1. Obligatory University Requirements 12 credit hours. 2. Elective University Requirements 15 credit hours. 3. Obligatory Faculty Requirements 21 credit hours. 4. Obligatory Specialization Requirements 66 credit hours. 5. Elective Specialization Requirements:18 credit hours. Since its establishment in 1963 the physics department has always worked to graduate students with strong and sound understanding in physics that enables them to enroll in higher studies programs or start a teaching career in physics at schools in Jordan and the regional Arab countries.
Program Type :Undergraduate
Study Plan :
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Program Department :Physics