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Department of Clinical laboratory sciences

In  1974 the Department of Biological Sciences introduced a subspecialty  in clinical analysis in order to provide local health care services and the community with highly qualified laboratory technologists. Later, in 1980, the Department of Biological Sciences launched a new program that grants a bachelor's degree in biological analysis. Then in 2016, the Department of Clinical laboratory sciences  was established as separated Department  from the Department of Biological Sciences.

The field of Clinical laboratory sciences utilizes biological techniques and instruments to analyze various clinical samples, which help physicians diagnose and treat different pathologies, and monitor the general condition of the patient. This specialty gives graduates the opportunity of employment as lab specialized technicians. The program is organized into terms and spans a period of four years during which the student gets a solid background in the theoretical and practical principles of the different laboratory sciences. These include hematology, blood bank, clinical chemistry, medical microbiology, medical parasitology, medical mycology, virology, medical immunology and serology, in addition to molecular biology techniques, microtechniques, laboratory instruments, quality assurance in laboratory analyses and laboratory management, occupational health and safety, and the ethics of the medical laboratory profession. Moreover, the program includes field training during the fourth year of study, and carried out at hospital laboratories certified for training.​