0301201 Calculus-III
Course Description :Three dimensional space and vectors rectangular coordinates in 3-space; spheres, cylindrical surfaces; quadric surfaces; vectors: dot product, projections, cross product, parametric equations of lines. planes in 3-spaces; vector -valued functions: calculus of vector valued functions, change of parameters, arc length, unit  tangent and normal vectors,  curvature, functions of two or more variable: domain, limits, and continuity; partial derivatives; differentiability; total differentials; the chain rule; the gradient; directional derivatives; tangent planes; normal lines;  maxima  and  minima  of  functions of  two variables;  Lagrange multipliers; multiple integrals: double integral, double integrals  in   polar  coordinates; triple integrals;  triple integrals  in  cylindrical  and spherical coordinates; change of variables in multiple integrals; Jacobian .
Department :Mathematics
Program :Bachelor of Mathematics
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :
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