​Below is a list of research topics currently being explored by faculty members of our department.

·        Algebra
o   Commutative Algebra
o   Lie Algebra
o   Number Theory
     Osama Alkam
o   Algebraic Combinatorics

·        Analysis
o   Functional Analysis
o   Matrix Analysis and Inequalities
o   Operator Theory

·        Applied Mathematics
o   Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
      Emeriti: Ahmed Alawneh
o   Fractional Calculus and Fractional Differential Equations
o   Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering
     Salam Alnabulsi
o   Applied Functional Analysis
o   Applied Graph Theory
o   Dynamical Systems

·        Topology
o   General Topology
o   Algebraic Topology
     Emeriti: Mohammed Natsheh

·        Operations Research
o   Optimization (Theory, Algorithms, and Applications)​
     Baha Alzalg

·        Statistics and Probability
o   Statistics
     Ahmad ZghoulAmal Helu, Murad Ahmed
      Emeriti: Mohammed Hamdan, Adnan Afram, Mufid Azzam, Adnan Awad
o   Design of Experiments
     Hisham Hilow
o  Ordered Data and Biostatistical Applications
·        Mathematics Education
     Emeriti: Ghazi Hamzeh