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Intended Learning Outcomes ofDoctorateDegree of Biological Sciences Bachelor Program
At the successful completion ofDoctorateDegree of Biological Sciences, the student should be able to: 1. Elucidatethe current state of the discipline in their area of specialization (e.g., key theories and research practices in ecology, evolutionary biology, bioinformatics) as well as use advanced biological concepts to interpret, analyze, and solve biological problems. 2. Design experiments to answer or solve biological scientific problems. 3. Formulate a hypothesis and design, and conduct scientific research projects in biological sciences using appropriate tools and techniques within their focused area of study. 4. Demonstrate independent scientific critical thinking, and perform problem solving skills in research and teaching of biological sciences. 5. Interpret data of well-established experiments, and analyze information in literature of peer-reviewed journals. 6. Apply skills of statistics, data analysis tools, and proper scientific methodology in biological Sciences. 7. Produce well- structured thesis and publish scientific articles in high impact peer-reviewed journals. 8. Display a professional commitment to ethical practices in biological sciences research. 9. Demonstrate effectively and professionally teaching skills that promote the proper delivery of biological sciences concepts to different types of audience. 10. Develop skills of self-management and continuing professional development in careers of biological sciences. 11. Communicate effectively, and deliver ideas of science efficiently.