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Intended Learning Outcomes of Biological Sciences Master Program
At the successful completion of Master degreeof Biological Sciences, the student should be able to: 1. Apply advanced knowledge from a broad range of fundamental biological concepts and subjects, including cell biology, molecular genetics, evolution and ecology. 2. Conduct original research in a biological sub‐discipline, including the design of experiments with appropriate controls. 3. Solve potential problems arising from conducting scientific experiments of biological sciences. 4. Critique scientific articles and demonstrate critical thinking in evaluating the methodology and conclusions of scientific articles in biological sciences. 5. Demonstrate high skills in scientific writing and produce well-structured thesis and publishable scientific articles. 6. Apply high-standards of laboratory safety, and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). 7. Demonstrate effectively and professionally teaching skills that promote the proper delivery of biological sciences concepts to different types of audience. 8. Display a professional commitment to ethical practices in teaching and conducting research in biological sciences. 9. Communicate effectively via oral and written presentations, and toshow skills of team- work. 10. Demonstrate commitment and interest in lifelong learning and in continuing education of biological sciences.