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Intended Learning Outcomes of Biological Sciences Bachelor Program
Intended Learning Outcomes of Biological Sciences Bachelor Program • Communicate scientific information effectively in written and oral forms, addressing basic biological concepts encompassing a range of sub-disciplines within the field of biology. • Collect, analyze and interpret scientific data related to biological problems spanning molecular to organismal biology (e.g., cell biology and genetics, ecology, behavior, etc). • Develop proficiency in the quantitative skills necessary to analyze biological problems. • Describe fundamental principles of biology;e.g., evolutionary theory, central dogma, diversity of life, inheritance. • Access and interrogate the primary scientific literature in the biological sciences. • Develop an appreciation for the interdisciplinary role of science as applied to human and environmental challenges across both local and global scales. • Present scientific data clearly and logically using correct/appropriate scientific terminology. • Demonstrate understanding of the ethical standards for the responsible conduct of scientific research and its applications. • Work as part of a team. • Demonstrate laboratory skills common to modern laboratories.