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Faculty of Science


SciFacilities: Thin-sections and Sample preparation workshop


Thin-sections and Sample preparation workshop







This workshop is equipped with crushing, cutting, rock sawing and grinding and sieving machines from different manufactures. The main duties of this lab are:

• Preparation of thin and thick sections for transmitted and reflected light microscopy for all types of rocks;

•  Preparation of impregnated thin sections for soft and loose sediments;

•  Preparation of stained thin-sections for the identification of specific minerals;

•  Preparation of the rock and mineral sample powders for the purpose of chemical analyses;

•  Sieving of sand samples for the purpose of grain size analysis;

•  Preparation of polished rock slabs.

• This workshops as serves graduate and undergraduate course and the research of the Faculty members and is very essential for most of the consulting services of other lab at the department.


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