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SciFacilities: Microscopy Laboratory ( Leitz, Nikon, Prior )


Microscopy Laboratory ( Leitz, Nikon, Prior )







This lab is equipped with twenty five polarized light microscopes from different world leading manufacturers (Leitz, Nikon, Prior). The majority of these microscopes use transmitted light while some have both transmitted and reflected light facilities. As such these microscopes are used to identify crystalline substances including minerals, the building blocks of Earth's materials (i.e. rocks).

The following is a summary of the most important applications of this lab:

•  Teachig the courses of mineral identification in addition to studying the mineralogy and textures of various categories of rocks;

•  Serving undergraduate and graduate courses and research of the majority of Faculty members at the Department;

•  Offering a wide range of consulting services for the local community in particular those institutions dealing with construction and engineering materials.


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