PhD in Mathematics
Program Description :Each year, approximately 6 students complete their Mathematics Ph.D. degree. The average time span to complete this degree is 4-5 years. The Ph.D. requirements are as follows: 1. Courses: Completion of 54 credits of graduate work. These credits must be entirely in various Mathematics areas. 2. Grades: Each student should keep a grade point average of 3.0 or better in Mathematics and cross listed courses. 3. Qualifying Exams: Ph.D. student should pass basic and advanced qualifying exams in five areas of Mathematics. The areas are: Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Topology and Statistics. A student can choose 3 areas for basic qualifying exam and two areas for advanced exam. These exams are generally given in the 5th week of each semester after the beginning of classes. These exams are written and the time allowed for each is 3 hours. The "Guide to Topics for the Qualifying Examinations" on our website may be helpful. 4. Research and Dissertation: Under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member in the department, each Ph.D. student must complete a reasonably original research.
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Mathematics