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Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences


The department holds a world class herbarium that contains about 60, 000 specimens collected from various parts of Jordan representing at least 90 % of Jordan 's Flora. Some of the specimens found are brought as an exchange material between Jordan and some Arab or European countries. A database for majority of the specimens has been established to facilitate quick access to information related to collected specimens.

The herbarium consists of a main hall containing plant collection, tables for display and study, exhibitions cupboards, binocular microscopes, shelves for books, computer attached to internet service and few more facilities. In addition, there are two research laboratories for postgraduate students, a tissue culture room, and a pressing room. Moreover, the herbarium is sets adjacent to the greenhouse which is also used for research, teaching and demonstration of related material. The herbarium also includes a front fenced small yard containing living collection of species of some rare and endemic collection of plant specimens.



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