0301446 Cryptography Theory (3 Credit Hours)
Course Description :Classical Cryptosystems such as: Shift ciphers, Affine ciphers, The Vigen`ere cipher, Substitution ciphers, The Playfair cipher, ADFGX cipher, and Block ciphers. One time pad, Pseudo-Random Bit Generation, and Linear feedback shift register. World War II ciphers such as: Enigma and Lorenz. Public key cryptosystems, The RSA, Primality testing and attack on RSA, The ElGamal Public key cryptosystem. Symmetric block cipher systems such as: DES and Rijndael. Digital Signatures such as: RSA signatures, The ElGamal signature scheme, and Hash functions. Elliptic curves and elliptic curves cryptosystems. (If time permit)
Department :Mathematics
Program :Bachelor of Mathematics
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :
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