0301102 Calculus-II
Course Description :Techniques of integration: integration by substitution; integration by parts, integrating powers of trigonometric functions, trigonometric substitutions, integrating rational functions, partial fractions, rationalization, miscellaneous substitution; improper integrals; application of definite integral: volumes,  length of a plane curve, area of a surface  of revolution  polar coordinates and parametric equations: polar coordinates, graphs in polar coordinates , conics in polar coordinates, area in Polar coordinates; parametric equations; tangent lines and arc length in parametric curves and polar coordinates;  infinite series: sequences, infinite series, convergence tests, absolute convergence, conditional convergence; alternating series; power series: Taylor and  Maclurine  series, differentiation and integration of power series: topics in analytic geometry : the parabola, the ellipse, the hyperbola; second degree equations: rotation of axes.
Department :Mathematics
Program :Bachelor of Mathematics
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :
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