Prof. Mohammad Z. Raqab

1-   Khalifa Award for Education, Higher Education within Arab World (Distinguished Professor in Scientific Research), United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, April, 2012.

2-   Hamdi Mango Award for Distinguished Researcher, Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research, University of Jordan, Jordan, April 2012.

3-   Achievement Award for distinguished researcher, University of Jordan, Jordan, June, 2006.

4-   A Distinguished Researcher Award in Statistics, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Amman, Jordan, November 2005.

5-   Abdul-Hamid Shoman Prize for Young Arab Researchers in Mathematics and Computer Science, Amman, Jordan, 2001.

6-   Achievement Award as the distinguished researcher on the University level, UAE University, UAE, July, 2001.

7-   TWAS Prize for the Young Scientists, Third World Academic Sciences, Italy, Sept. 1998.