The second abstract algebra workshop

It was held at The University of Jordan on Thursday 18/7/2019, which aimed to:

  1. Hosting Professor Ayman Badawi, one of the most outstanding Arab activists in the field of abstract algebra, for mutual acquaintance and joint research.

  2. Presenting new research projects in abstract algebra and establishing research groups from various Jordanian universities.

  3. Presenting what is new to postgraduate students who wish to specialize in abstract algebra.

  4. Provide advice and guidance in scientific research, and guidance for journals and international conferences specialized in algebra.

  5. Training postgraduate students on scientific conferences.

  6. Involving outstanding researchers in Jordanian universities in supervising doctoral students at the University of Jordan, which includes more than 100 students. (2).jpg (3).jpg (4).jpg (5).jpg (6).jpg (7).jpg (8).jpg (9).jpg (10).jpg