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  Strategy of Department
Department of Chemistry
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The massage of the chemistry department is to produce qualified graduates armed with knowledge and qualified to do research in the field of chemistry, and capable to deal with the requirements of present scientific and technological age and able to participate in building the Jordanian society on strong scientific, professional and moral grounds.
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At the successful completion of the Bachelor of Chemistry program, the student should be able to: 1. Discuss a wide variety of basic chemical and scientific principles and theories and apply them in different contexts. 2. Apply knowledge of mathematics, natural, and applied sciences to areas relevant to chemistry. 3. Design and conduct experiments using common and modern chemical techniques and analyze and interpret data. 4. Think critically and creatively and apply problem solving and analytical reasoning in chemistry and related fields. 5. Adhere to the legal, ethical and professional responsibilities and apply accurately the proper procedures for safe handling of chemicals. 6. Show commitment and interest in lifelong learning, function effectively on multidisciplinary teams, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 7. Examine current professional, ethical, legal, and environmental dimensions of problems and issues facing chemists. 8. Utilize numerical simulations and computations to model different chemical systems for both industrial and medicinal applications. 9. Utilize information and communication technology in both data collections and data analysis and in accessing databases and international information in science. 10. Outline the broad concepts in scientific research methods and write research proposals in chemistry.